As the guests are seated for a wonderful meal at your special event, they are suddenly distracted by the crashing sound of pots and pans in the kitchen.

The popular Italian TV chef Mario Cornetto has had enough, due to his new found fame he no longer wants to work in the kitchen – he wants to SING!

And that’s when the fun really starts...

Swinging to the Italian classic 'Amore', Mario is soon in amongst the guests asking them to raise their hands and sing with him as only red-blooded Italians can.

But in a kitchen designed to serve special dishes from around the world, Mario is not alone and is soon joined by the Rastafarian Chef Winston Potts who has flown from the Jamaica just to cook at this event, he has spent 24hrs being detained at customs just because he wanted a little smoke and now he would rather chill out to something nice and easy to get away from the heat of the kitchen.

The chilled out atmosphere is soon changed when top American Chef Buddy Beerburger arrives on the scene. He hopes that the English understand good songs more than they understand food – this cross between John Wayne and George W Bush intends to show his non-American friends how songs from the Great American Songbook really should be sung and proves that the Americans love swinging – in every sense of the word.

Finally having put up with the noise of his fellow chefs and being left to cook the only dish left on the menu - chicken Tikka Masala, Indian Chef Rancid Sings enters to the sound of his favourite Bhangra tunes.
Rancid tells the story of the great Bollywood dancers to the tune of 'Mr Bojangles' and wows the guests of any event with his incredible talents.

Finally the chefs get over their differences and unite for a swinging finale, before they return to the kitchen to rapturous applause.

This unique surprise performance lasts up to 30 fabulous minutes and can be booked for any event. THE SWINGING CHEFS are guaranteed to start the evening with a bang, which your guests will be talking about for the rest of the night.

Featuring The Swinging Chefs: Mario Cornetto, Winston Potts, Buddy Beerburger and Rancid Sings and classic songs from their swinging songbook including; 'Mack The Knife', 'Can’t Take My Eyes Off You', 'Beyond The Sea', 'Have You Met Miss Jones', 'New York New York' and many more...